Breakfast delights – Tuesday

I have always been someone who liked a good hearty breakfast. I can miss most meals but breakfast was the meal for me. Covid arrived and this didn’t change. Well it did. I suddenly had more time and time to think about what goes into my body.

If you read my post yesterday, you will know that my sourdough was ‘hanging around’ in my workroom, this being the warmest place in our home yesterday. Well it rose nicely and so at 9pm last night I returned it to the kitchen where I greased two large baking trays with oil and also an area of worktop. I turned the dough out onto the worktop and stretched it out folding it back on itself. After about 5 mins of this I divided it into two and shaped the two dough balls into neat round shapes. I placed them both onto the two trays and cut three slits into the top. I then put them into the cold oven and left them. This morning they were 3 times the size so I baked them at 200c for 40 mins then had a few slices for my breakfast. Nothing like freshly made bread and it was wonderful that the sourdough complied and grew in time. This isn’t always the case but it is always worth the wait and effort.

Sourdough bread ready for baking

Yesterday had been a day of homemaking and harvest. I collected the apples from my russet tree, all 60+lbs of them. I packed the perfect ones in boxes, divided by tissues and packing paper. This is so they don’t touch because if one goes bad we don’t want the others next to it going bad too, well not before I can do something about it. Anyway thanks to the collected boxes we have stored in our loft, I was able to pack 6 boxes and I have stored these in a wardrobe in our spare room. I was going to put them in the loft but wanted to be able to check on them easily over the next few months. I had thought about storing them in the shed but that might attract mice.

The large box of rejects drew the attention of my husband who brought, into the kitchen, his newly acquired gadget of an apple press. So we processed a load of reject apples and made 1 pint of apple juice. I lot of effort but the taste was amazing. I think it might be nice if we made cider but we would need juicer apples and our russets were not the juiciest. the much that came out of the press was taken to our compost heap where it will become part of our soil improvement for years to come.

Mashed apples
Mashed apples in the press
Freshly pressed apple juice – totally different colour to the apple mush

Yesterdays potato and leek soup was delicious, I thinned it with milk and we had homemade flat breads . . . . one mug of gram flour, half mug of white bread flour, large pinch of salt, large pinch of garlic granules, a glug of olive oil and water to bind. Knead with no extra flour and until it is elastic. store in fridge for at least an hour. divide into portions, roll on a floured surface, fry in hot oil. EAT

Flat bread
Potato and leek soup

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