All the best plans change

No cooking day

My kitchen is the centre of everything that happens in our home. It’s where meals are prepared and cooked. Where cakes, sweets and candy are created. Hot steamy mugs of tea and coffee are brewed, dogs fed and cat food prepared and carried off to their feeding box.

It’s where dogs collect their toys for playtime, feet get swapped into boots or slippers. Bags get dumped, shopping is sorted and grandchildren stand requesting ice lollies and are hugged, everyone is hugged.

Today it was where apple jelly and banana jam were to be made.

However the day was dry, the sun shone and the weather man promised rain tomorrow.

The garden was calling

For me, the garden is an important part of kitchen life. It is where this year some of our food grew and were the preparation for next years food crops has began.

The compost bins are the beginnings of life. Microorganisms combine together from all the garden and kitchen organic waste. All to create the magic that will help to create the food that will feed the plants we will be eating next year.

My bee garden

Out the front I am creating a bee garden. Not just for bees but a place where all insects can feed and breed. Without these important creatures we as humans will die out.

My wildlife pond

The other side of my front garden is a wildlife pond. It will encourage wildlife to the garden and the balance of natural predators will keep a balanced environment for all creatures to live and plants to survive and thrive.

The ripple beds with mixed flower and fruit planting

Between the two areas are rows of mixed flower and fruit planting.

These were all areas that needed work today in readiness for the soon to arrive food plants and trees, which in the coming years will provide food that will pass through Granny Sarah’s Kitchen.

Out in the back garden garlic was sown in the raised bed while lettuce was sown in the new greenhouse. I used garlic I had in my fridge, as I wasn’t planning on growing my own until COVID.

Jem jally day tomorrow!!

2 thoughts on “All the best plans change

  1. Like you, I garden whenever the weather allows, and retreat to the kitchen when it doesn’t, to do the preserving, baking, and herb dehydrating. I’ve never heard of banana jam!


    1. It came from an old recipe book that my granny had. Printed in 1939. I used apples instead of pears but have used pears in the past. I hope you have a try at making it, it’s rather delicious.


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