Dishwashers don’t have teeth. . .

This is something my husband is frequently telling me.

In our house like most houses, we normally have ‘our jobs’. This isn’t some sexiest old fashioned family set up. It just that some people are better at certain jobs. We share the work load of our little haven we call our home.

When it comes to the dishwasher, I’m a bit better at loading it and totally dislike the unloading. I’d be far happier if we had two machines and no cupboards. Then you could remove clean stuff from one the put dirty into the other.

He in a wonderful, if too careful, unloader. One of the downsides of being the unloading is cleaning the filter. No matter how careful I am with solid bits being scrapped (often into a dog bowl) there are bits caught in the fine filter at the bottom.

This scary thought brought to my attention the dreadful nightmare of what is happening to everything else we flush away. The stuff down the plug hole of flushed down our toilet.

When I was a child growing up in the 60’s and 70’s it was thought that we could flush everything into the oceans. The sea would be the dustbin, the magic place where nature would clear up whatever we dumped into it. As far as anyone was concerned, broken glass bottles were the biggest worry on our government’s agenda. Advertising was aimed at not letting your children getting cut feet.

Fast forward 30 years and glass is seen as the jewel of the beach comber. Anyone who searches for these little gems knows that laying along our sea shores are also a mass amount of micro plastic. Unlike the glass, this micro-plastic floats like food for fish, sea birds and mammals to eat. The micro-plastic building up in their systems, if not killing them weakens them. We eat the fish as they are in our food chain. We eat the sea salt, that does in some areas, now contains micro plastics.

There is no throw away. The oceans begin at the plug hole. They begin at the drain in the street.

Laying in our streets and parks are tones of litter left but a large number of humans. With increased extreme weather patterns these will get washed into our oceans and create a greater problem with our food chain and the food chain of other creatures.

We need to STOP the madness, we need to stop before we kill humans as well as the beautiful creature we share this planet with. There is no planet B.

There are thing we can’t stop, but taking care of the litter we make, whether at home or out and about, would make a huge amount of difference to the environment and the world we ALL live in.

So though my dishwasher doesn’t have teeth, thankful it does have a filter. We need to only flush down our drains and toilets what we would like to find ending up later on our plates.

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