A storm in a coffee pot

Granny Sarah’s kitchen is a busy place. It is the centre of every stage of life and its interactions with life inside and outside the house.

So up here in County Durham the rain set in at 8am this morning. Our dogs were lucky to have had their long walk before hand. The cats snuggled down to a day of sleep. I used the kitchen as a laundry and a hub for odd DIY jobs.

The coffee pot was regularly topped up, it’s handle now worn and aged but it works so I’ll not be replacing it.

The afternoon dog walk was not so lucky. We tried to nip out between the showers but we were not quick enough. Two very wet dogs arrived home, and stood dripping in granny Sarah’s kitchen waiting for their towel robes to dry them off.

Not their favourite thing to be wearing!!

I decided that, though not cooking was planned today, on such a wet day and afternoon the oven needed to create something in the comfort department.

So I decided on Granny Sarah’s Wholemeal Chocolate Cake

6oz unsalted butter, 6oz dark brown sugar, 3 eggs, middle size, 4oz plain whole meal flour, 2oz cocoa powder, 3 level tea spoons baking powder.

Combine in that order. If I have real chocolate in then I add some chopped up in the mix

About 2oz today

Put in a 20cm square tin or something similar. Bake 200c for about 30mins.

Check it’s cooked by sticking a knife or skewer into the cake, if it comes out without runny mixture on it then the cake is cooked. In less it’s a bit of runny chocolate.

I let cool for a while on a cooling rake. I then iced with chocolate butter cream while the cake is warm.

Chocolate buttercream

5oz unsalted butter (not salted or margarine this is called buttercream so has to be made with butter) 8oz of icing sugar, 2oz cocoa powder. A little milk , a tablespoon or two, to get the mix started. Mix, spread in the cake which you’ll have split in half.

Place top of cake over and leave to cool. The icing will slightly melt into the cake. Eat and enjoy

Wonderful with coffee

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