Feeding the microbes. .

There are many benefits to our new way of ordering food. With milk delivery our plastic waste has dropped so much our recycling bin has barely anything in it. The milk arrives in returnable glass bottles will foil tops that if collected in quantities large enough to recycle. Foil for fully recyclable but must not be placed in the collection bin unless it’s in an amount of around a tennis ball. This is because most of the machines used to recycle can’t pick up anything smaller. So I have a small pot where I collect my foil tops until I’ve filled the pot then I squash it into a lump and not waste. Plus with Covid19 I don’t have to worry about running out of milk and needing to go to the store.

There are many benefits of having a weekly veg box. We’re saving a local business, we don’t have useless plastic waste, we are eating even more vegetables, which is making us feel better and fitter already!! We have plenty of green waste to put in the worktop compost bin which in term is feeding the microbes in our compost heap. These important micro creatures are the bases of nature and what will eventually make our plants grow. What will next year and years to come make our food in the garden grow. Giving back to nature is what sustainable living is all about.

Now if you don’t have a garden then this green waste can be recycled in a council green bin, either collected or you deposit.

This morning I emptied one of my compost bins onto my new vegetables and fruit beds. The compost was not totally rotten but this won’t hurt. I needed the space ready for the little autumn tidying. I’m not tidying too much as many of the good bugs and mini mammals will need the messy stuff for over wintering.

Hot veggie supper

Dice one large onion and slice two sausages and place in a large pan or wok with 3tablespoons of sunflower oil, add 1 teaspoon of rock salt. Fry hot for five minutes making sure it doesn’t burn.

Scrub 3 medium potatoes and one large carrot. No need to peel. Chop the root veg into roughly shaped dice sized pieces. Add to the oil and stir. The adding of the veggies will lower the heat in the wok for a short while.

Wash and chop 5 stems of kale into the same size pieces. Add to the wok and stir.

Slice 3 slices of cabbage and dice, add to the wok and stir.

Chop the apple, core but don’t peel. Add to the wok and stir.

De-seed the pepper, dice, slice 7 slices from a leek and add to the wok and stir.

Cover, reduce the heat right down to low and leave for 45-50 minutes. Not letting it burn but keep well covered.

Serve straight from the pan, this served two. All the goodness is held in the food not wasted in the cooking juice and wasted down the drain.

Fruit pudding

Yesterday I also had a fruit box delivered so for pudding, and it’s important to have a healthy pudding, we had mixed prepared fruit.

One Sharon fruit, one plum and one satsuma.

Chop the Sharon fruit and plum, remove the satsuma skin, chop and add together in a serving bowl. Add a little fruit juice, I used freshly pressed apple juice from our own apples, you could use shop bought juice or a drop of cider.

Leave in the fridge for one – two hours. I served with fresh cream and homemade yogurt.

Enjoy and be healthy

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