Rice without a rice cooker

We stayed up late last night, well it wasn’t really late, not late for what we in our younger years would think as late. But for us two it wasn’t our usual bedtime.

We’d decided to watch a comedy show that looked fainting like the old normal, you know that normal before covid. On this program there was a brief discussion about how the British can’t cook rice, how it’s boiled in too much water then strained!

Well as we had rice with our red bean curry tonight, I’ll share my way of cooking rice without a rice cooker.

Take one part white rice (I use the cheapest I can get my hands on) to two parts boiling water. Put in a pan big enough, add a large pinch of salt and cover. Coving is important as you must not lift the lid for 20 minutes.

Place the pan on the stove, bring to boil, turn off and leave on ring if using electric. If using gas or a halogen then turn to lowest possible as leave covered for 20mins. You can shake the pan if you hold the lid on. Think of their being a dragon in the pan that might escape!!

Serve straight away

I served mine with red bean curry

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