I’m not alone

It’s something that I remind myself when dark days of winter approach and we are in a forced lockdown where we can’t make merry with our friends and family. We are all stuck, in someway or other, in this isolated state of not seeing anyone or being able to meet as we’d like with the humans we like and love.

Some people are lucky to have those people they love still living under their roof. Many have pets for company, that they can walk and can still talk to like minds while exercising their animals.

we might remember that though we do feel low, there are people who are worse off than we are. However it’s still hard to cope with the uncertainty of all our futures.

This you might think has nothing to do with kitchens, cooking or saving the planet with a more sustainable lifestyle. But it does.

For many the kitchen is closed as why cook for one person or it’s very open full of amazing food to comfort the cold and emptiness of our future.

Whatever is happening in your life I hope you realise you’re not alone in how you feel. That someone somewhere, possibly your neighbours, are feeling the way you are.

Maybe we can use our kitchens to spread love and comfort to others who feel down. Maybe we could have a ‘bake a cake for your neighbour day’. Just to let them know you thought about them. Just to let them know you know how they feel and we are not alone in our loneliness.

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