Frosty Morning . . . . .

It’s mild and windy here in the northeast of England. Our garden is a somewhat confused and the spring bulbs are rising above the ground.

Days are beginning to merge into each other as lockdown is dragging on and everyday without visitors makes one long eventless event.

We watched a program on plague last evening, a current program made partly during lockdown and explores the events leading to and including our plagues of the past. Many lessons forgotten that we could learn today regarding the control of disease though basic hygiene. Hygiene methods we have in recent years become complacent with because after all ‘Science and medicine solve everything’. It’s a three part documentary and I’ve tonight and Thursday for the remaining episodes.

All this information and the fact that with no grandchildren or their parents visiting. With my sewing machine needing a service from hubby and the garden waiting for my ordered bare rooted plants to arrive (still not cold enough). I thought I would defrost the indoor freezer.

I am lucky enough to have two freezers. One in the kitchen and one in the garage. If you are buying a fridge or freezer be aware you need an outhouse freezer for your garage. This is one that can cope with there being no room heating. If you use an indoor freezer or fridge in an unheated place it will not work properly. The same if you use an outhouse one indoors.

Defrosting is easy, decant the items to an insulated bag or another freezer, or both. Switch off the appliance. Place towels on the floor and in it ( I use ones I’m about to wash). Remove shelves and clean with a dry or nearly dry cloth. If there are any stubborn marks use a small amount of washing up liquid. Place a bowl or small bucket of boiling water in the appliance and wait about 20 minutes. Replace now cold water with more boiling water. This should take about an hour and you can do other stuff while waiting, like move the appliance out and clean it and the floor under. You can always guess at how many pens you’ll find. I once found a mummified mouse thanks to my cats and their entertainment.

Wipe the inside dry, place food in shelves and shelves in the freezer and switch on, close door. Job done for another 6 months.

I have had auto defrost freezers but they have a habit of going wrong and you should clean them out twice a year.

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