Eggtraordiary start to the day

Since I was a teenager I have had eggs for breakfast. I have tried other stuff, but nothing fills me up and keeps me going until lunchtime and can even last me until 5pm when we have our evening meal.

I always buy free range eggs, these might be a little more money wise but cost less to the chicken and to the environment.

It is important to buy mixed sized eggs. Chicken don’t lay just large eggs. Ducks do lay large eggs but my body doesn’t tolerate them. Bantam chicken lay little eggs. But the normal average farm chicken lays different sized eggs depending on how she feels, what she’s eaten, her age and time of year. If we as the consumer insist on only buying a certain size egg then there will be an issue with what to do with those that are not the size we’re lead to believe we should be buying.

Eggs are not the only food stuff we need to rethink when it comes to size and shape.

If we the consumer use what is right for the environment, in our kitchen and cooking. We could as a joint effort save the planet. We have the power to make an Eggtraordiary Start.

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