Seeds of hope

Yesterday I finished the butternut squash. It had been delivered in my veg box from 4 weeks ago. We must remember that veg can be stored for quite a long time in the right conditions. I kept mine in the fridge. Because I eat such a large amount of veggies I am lucky enough to have two fridges. One is mainly used to store vegetables.

When I was a child we had a cool pantry. Vented on the north side of our home with fine fly mesh to keep unwanted visitors out. It kept our food at a chilly temperature during the non-summer months when seasonal food from a harvest needed storing.

Today, in our centrally heated houses we need a way of keeping food fresh and edible. We need to understand how to store food. I’d love a pantry, but a second fridge was the next best thing.

my butternut squash has lasted for 3 different meals. I kept the seeds in the section I’m not using as I find it keeps the product fresher (I’m sure someone will know why this works).

I’ve kept some of the seeds, the rest were put on the compost heap. I dried the seeds for a day and today I put them in a paper envelope with the name of what they were and the date. Paper so that they’ll not sweat. I will store them in a container in my greenhouse. I will plant them next spring.

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