Covid has brought strange shortages in some items and excess in others.

As part of saving the planet without costing me the earth, I thought I would check out any drafts in my home.

To do this I wet my hand and dangled it in places around the house noting when it felt colder. This method comes from when I was a Girl Guide and later as a Cub Scout leader. To find the direction of the wind you would lick your finger and stick it in the air.

I discovered that I had a small breeze coming through the insulated cat-flap and a draft flowing over the top of my washing machine and dishwasher. This is because of the pipe work not sealed through the floor at the back.

For the cat-flap I made a large square draft excluder to use when the cats were inside. I needed a lightweight filling so if a cat was outside they could push it aside.

I wanted to use something I had. I used some of the dozens of single use plastic carrier bags that I was forced to accept due to covid and click and collect. I’ve left a slit in the side so I can add or remove bags.

For the temporary draft excluder on to of the washers, I partly filled 2 pillowcases with the remaining bags. These are wedged on top of them between the worktop.

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