No such thing as ‘too much veg’

I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan but I do like veg. If I would label myself , and I hate labels, I would call myself a Flexitarian.

Basically my cooking and eating always starts with veg. I don’t think “what shall we accompany this meat or fish etc” but I think of what would accompany these vegetables. Sometimes we just have vegetables, seasoned and cooked to taste amazing.

Before we had a seasonal veg box delivered from the local greengrocers, I would use bags of frozen and tinned veggies. Now I start with the fresh and use the frozen and tinned to add to what I’m doing. I then use less meat or fish, than I might of, to make the meal.

Tonight I’m starting with leeks celery and broccoli.

The important thing to remember with fresh vegetables is to wash them well in fresh water before you use them. This is to remove the soil that they have been growing in.

All the trimmings can be added to the compost heap and will increase the richness of your microbes in your heap and later soil, feeding the worms that will feed the birds and hedgehogs. All this is so important for saving the environment one kitchen and garden at a time.

Together we CAN save the world.

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