Sticky fingers

Lockdown is hard for us all. We all are having issues with the uncertainty of our future. Things we did and took for granted are now the things we long for.

Here in northeast England, we’ve been in a form of lockdown since September and some areas of the U.K. and world have suffered longer.

I miss my grandchildren. I miss their hugs, their chats and mess. The request of a 2 year old of knowing that at his granny’s house he has homemade cake and ice lollies.

They would then play on the swing that currently hangs alone yet swinging on its own in the autumn wind today.

I’ve not cleaned the windows since the summer, I love looking at the hand marks on the inside glass from their sticky fingers. I’ve not cleaned the mirror outside their room upstairs because a sticky child sized hand print adorns it.

We all miss our families and our friends. I’m lucky to have the company of a dear hubby and four furbabies, all of which I like and love very much. Many are very alone even if they live with others.

I’m going to leave the fingerprints on my windows, they are doing no harm. They are a reminder of happy days and a promise of happier days to come.

I must be content with what I have, I know all our 6 grandchildren are safe and happy. We know our children are happy and safe. We much be thankful for a chance to live in a time of scientific hope but we need to be aware that plagues and pandemics have visited humans many times before. We must not be complacent but take care of our bodies and this planet that is supporting us. We only have one planet, we need to care for our small area of it for the owners of the sticky fingers to live full and happy lives too.

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