Lemon memories

I’m doing a bit of baking this evening. Shortbread, gingerbread, my great aunt’s fruit loaf, a lemon and raspberry cake (to be iced tomorrow) and a lemon drizzle cake.

It’s funny how little things can bring back memories.

As a child I loved citrus fruit, the sharper the better ( I still do ). Grapefruit without sugar, orange and the peel and unsweetened lemons.

When our mother (or grown up) had finished with the lemon skins after juicing they would be filled with sugar for us to then scoop out the lemony sweet flavours. I’d always ask for no sugar, I’d then remove the pith and lemon remains with my teeth, leaving very little left.

Something I might do after writing this.

The pips I will save for trying to grow in my new greenhouse

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