Feed the birds. . . or not

It is fast approaching winter here in northeast England. Many people have stocked their bird feeders in readiness for the colder weather.

I have two cats, I feel that if I put out food on a bird table, I’d be just providing bait for my cats entertainment and the entertainment for all the other cats that hang around.

Feeding birds has always been a challenge since we rehomed our cats. It’s a challenge for many cat owners.

This is where my organic gardening comes into its own. As an organic gardener, I like to grow plants that provide natural food for all wildlife. Leaving my beds untidy, with leaves left as they fall, means that the birds can search for their food under the leaves where the soil is kept warmer and the plants get some protection.

I never use pesticides or herbicides so I know that my garden is safe for all.

Our bird feeder

This year I do have one bird feeder, it was a gift from our grandchildren last Christmas and is nailed to our shed. It balances the bug hotel the other end. I don’t have any seed in it. This is because the design is decorative and the seed falls out as soon as any wind blows (thankfully). The seed falling to the ground below ready for the rain and sunshine to add to my wildflower meadow area.

Bug hotel

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