A little gift

A few days ago I made a lemon cake. I’ve made many lemon related things but normally used the stuff in a bottle that you keep in the fridge.

Last weekend I ordered two fresh lemons with my veg box. I wanted to use the zest vas well as the juice for the cake.

I know I had two lemon squeezers. I remember them being in that kitchen drawer that holds all those useful gadgets needed to make cooking easier and fun.

Now I’ve moved house a few times in the last few years, 9 moves in 17 years! The lemon squeezers, along with a few other hand held gadgets, must’ve got lost along the way.

I mentioned this to lovely hubby who didn’t appear to listen. Though a short while later asked what a lemon squeezer/juicer looked like.

He came in from his workshop this lunchtime and I discovered this on the kitchen worktop where he’d left it for me.

He had made it for me from one of the branches we cut from our apple tree a few weeks ago.

I am so lucky

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