How I make a sourdough starter

The magical mystery that isn’t really

We will start with the starter. It’s simple and not rocket science. The important thing is you make it as it needs to be local to you, it’s your own microbes.

All you’ll need to make a starter is patience, a large bowl, a clean tea towel, a pair of jars with lids, strong white bread flour and a bit of fresh fruit, plus water. I used an apple.

Wash the apple, cut into chunks, remove the core, leave the skin. Place in the bowl.

Add two tablespoons of strong white flour to the bowl, add a little fresh cold water to make a paste with the apple lumps. Cover and leave at room temperature for one day.

When it starts to bubble

Add one tablespoon of strong flour everyday and a little cold water to form the paste. Recover. When the paste starts to bubble, normally about three days. Remove the apple pieces. Add the flour and water then place in one of the jars and close lid. Store at room temperature.

Add flour every day or every other day. The starter will rise to top of jar an hour or so after flour and cold water is added. Move the mix to a clean jar after three or four days.

After two weeks the starter is ready to use.

I make sourdough every five days so keep the starter at room temperature in a closed jar. The important thing is to keep the starter fed then it doesn’t spoil.

Feed the starter with one tablespoon of strong flour and a little cold water.

Keeping the starter going

When I make bread I first save 2 tablespoons of starter to a clean jar, add one tablespoon of strong flour and a little cold water. Stir and cover, leave at room temperature.

Next blog- my sourdough bread

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