Quality compost . .

It’s chocolate eating season in our house. It’s come early this year due to months of lockdown here in northeast England.

We started on the first tin last week. The bright wrappings encouraging us to try just one more. The colours bringing back memories of different times.

As normal I was concerned about the waste that this little delight was going to leave, as the small pile of wrappers grew on the sofa arm next to me, while I hurriedly knitted our oldest granddaughters Christmas gift.

After a little research it came to light that these wrappers are: foil, recyclable. So we’ve added them to our foil jar. The ‘plastic’ is compostable, so I’ve added them to a glass of water, one hot, one cold.

This morning the colours have left the wrappers but as yet they haven’t disappeared.

To be honest I don’t hold out much hope, though hubby thinks there is hope so has added his wrappers to our compost caddy in the kitchen.

Nowhere is it written clearly about this recycling advice on the outer packaging, certainly not clearly enough for the Christmas season!!

The tin, and yes we’ve bought the large tin, will be used to store baked goodies, once emptied, for when the grandchildren return to visiting. It’s usefulness will outlast us all if we so wish.

Our future is ours to change if only we work together in our small but important ways.

Our foil jar is because only large pieces of foil larger than a tennis ball are recycled so we collect the small bits together and squeeze it into a larger size before adding it to the recycling box.

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