Christmas cake iced

Yesterday I iced our Christmas cake.

I made royal icing with 2lbs of icing sugar. I didn’t sift it either because it creates the most amazing mess. Sifting icing sugar makes no difference to the taste so I’ve not bothered as I’m not out to win any competition in icing.

So I combined 2lbs of icing sugar, 4egg whites (the fresher the better) 2 teaspoons of glycerin ( this stops the icing becoming rock hard) 4 teaspoons of lemon juice. I also add a drop of blue colouring to take the yellow out of the icing. Though this time I’ve added too much but I prefer “snow” more on the blue side than yellow. But you can colour the icing any colour you so wish.

I then mix and leave to rest for a couple of hours at room temperature.

I apply the icing with a folk as I want a rough look.

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