Food from my fridge

I very rarely use a cookery book. My meal making comes from my need to eat and what I have in my fridge, cupboard and freezer. Always in that order.

Mixed Root Vegetables Mash

Take any root veg, scrub, chop ( the more dense veg like swede and carrot cut smaller) place in a large pan, boil in water with a bit of salt. When soft, strain (save the water for gravy) mash with a masher or fork, add butter and warm milk or some of the cooking juice. I like my mash with a few lumps in rather smooth like it’s over processed.

Red Fried Eggs

Oil, salt, tablespoon of tomato purée. Mix together as they warm. Add required amount of eggs (always use free range eggs, happy hens make the best eggs)

Fry on very low heat, I think the best tasting fried eggs are cooked slowly and gently.

No pictures tonight

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