We are what we eat

Our bodies are made of what we feed them. Never before has it been so important to look after our bodies than now. What we put in will be the fuel for energy, regeneration of cells and our bodies defences system.

I try and make all our food from scratch. To make one’s food is the basic of all survive skills. Spending time to make good food should be the top of all our priorities.

Making most of your food from raw ingredients is not difficult or all time consuming, it just takes carefully and wise planning.

This morning I’ve baked the sourdough bread that was made yesterday morning, left to prove all yesterday. Kneaded and left to rise overnight and baked in time for warm bread at breakfast. I made 1kg of bread so the extra bread was placed in the freezer for another day. Totally of my time 28 minutes.

Homemade mayonnaise, blended in the food processor. Took just 7 minutes and the dishwasher will do the cleaning!! In the fridge this will last 4-5 days and I know what went into it.

Yoghurt I place all the ingredients into my yoghurt maker (a little yoghurt from the last batch and a litre of whole fat long life organic milk). This will take 9 hours, but my time will be less than 5 minutes.

A batch of pickled eggs that were placed in my own mix of spices. Then sealed and will be left to pickle for at least a month. My time 14 minutes and that included the peeling of the eggs.

Finally two loaves of my great aunts fruit loaf. One to eat and one for the freezer. My time taken was the time it takes to measure one cup of fruit, one cup of cereal bran, one cup of brown sugar and one cup of hot tea, leave to soak for at least an hour but can be over night. Then just before baking a cup of SR flour. (This is for one loaf) double up for more loaves and always use the same size cup/mug. Bake for an hour at a medium heat.

Remember that with raw ingredients you know what you are putting in your body.

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