Shelled !

It’s that time of year, the start to middle of spring. Well depending on what part of the world you’re in and certainly what part of the U.K. you might live.

Having moved around from south to north, then middle, then south and now back up north. I can say that the spring certainly arrives later in the northeast.

Our garden is later too this year. Like most of the U.K. winter has been slow to release its grip.

It’s also the time when the slugs and snails begin to munch. When plants we would rather not have in our garden begin to emerge. Despite the chilly weather and plenty of chilly weather we have had. These not so cultivated plants are more robust and cope better with the harsher climate that we have this year.

This is also the season when birds begin to nest and other creatures begin to feast.

Aware of all of the above, my kitchen has a container full of egg shells. Rinsed and waiting. When new plants emerge I cover the ground with crushed egg shells

The idea is to use this nature friendly method to stop the slugs and snails from nibbling my plants.

I don’t want to use anything that will get into the ecosystem. Once a slug or snail is poisoned it can and will be eaten by hedgehogs, frogs or birds. Easy prey laying dead on the surface of our garden ready for the unsuspecting hungry creatures to collect, eat or feed to their young. Only to follow the same fate as another’s meal. And so the cycle of death continues as the next creatures up the food chain feast on the poisoned body.

Weed killer is the same. Spray a flower you don’t want and the bees don’t know, eat the pollen and die. Small mammals walk over the treated ground their bodies poisoned by the contents of the liquid or granules that we, humans, have used in the pursuit of a perfection that isn’t ours.

Let nature be I say. Find something safer, more natural to use. Something you’d be prepared to drink or eat yourself.

Enjoy the things we have and accept that we have to share this world. It is not ours, it is on loan to us and we are expected to return it in slightly better condition than we found it.

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