Thursday ramblings

It’s been a hard month or so. The weeks zoom by in a haze of ‘lockdown-trying-to-fill-time’

To be fair I’m struggling with the starting back to the new normal life.

I’ve had so much to say but feel exhausted about trying to say what I feel. Trying not to think about family that need me. Friends so far away that the chance of a coffee to fix the everyday issues with a face to face natter just feels impossible.

I’m not alone I tell myself but even those very words are wearing thin.

In these last few months I’ve cooked some amazing meals, gardened, sowed some successful plants, though others not so, BUT because it’s been so unseasonally cold and dry and now it’s far too wet and cold. My greenhouse and covered shelving are overflowing with plants that are long overdue for planting out.

My biggest concern is still the environment and the lack of everyday serious action.

Decisions made by our governments sound hollow in the greater scheme of things.

It feels like our use of The resources of this little planet of ours are running out while piles of waste grows higher daily like an avalanche of plastic.

Yesterday I was at my weekly litter picking group. My feelings of those that continue to drop their waste, sometimes just feet from a litter bin, are beyond words

Everyday I pass gardens poisoned by ‘weed and feed’ just to make the grass an unhealthy colour of green in the pursuit of an unrealistic fashion look for their garden while killing wildlife and causing cancers in the unsuspecting mammals that cannot read or heed the warnings or understand that humans have placed chemicals on the areas they also called home.

I’ve have won one battle this month. I’ve persuaded the council to stop spraying weed killer on our grass verges, around the base of trees and shrubs, in my part of the village. It’s a small step but a start in saving my little part of this world

Today I tied string around some trees to stop the council grass cutting team from cutting an area of wildflowers and spent bulbs from being destroyed by the overzealous workers.

We need to value our small areas of nature and fight for our little patch. If we all did this we’d save the world.

As humans have to understand , we can’t have everything or go everywhere we like just because we think we can, that we can’t use up everything. We need to eat less, waste less , and value more. Reuse and recycle.

So tonight I cooked a simple pasta. No waste, very little meat and very filling. this served two people with food left over for later.

One onion chopped, five mushrooms chopped, one red pepper sliced, one slice of thick bacon chopped, large pinch of salt, fry in hot oil. Add two tablespoons of plain flour. Stir. Add enough milk to make a thick sauce. Add some frozen spinach

Add cooked pasta, a little of the pasta water then add diced cheese about 2oz

What you don’t eat can be eaten cold tomorrow for lunch.

If we all do what we can to save our corner of this planet then we will save it for our grandchildren’s future.

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