Easy food

Sometimes I really don’t fancy cooking, yet I want a cooked meal.

Sometimes I’m too tired to both making a meal.

For days like this I make a simple pasta dish.

I boil a pan of water with some salt. When that boils I add enough pasta for whoever is needing to be fed.

I another pan I add a good glug of sunflower oil and put all the ingredients together that I think I fancy eating.

This one was mushrooms, fresh garlic tomato purée and frozen spinach.

When pasta was cooked I drained and added the sauce to the pasta, stir and serve.

In the past I’ve used fresh tomatoes, sausages, bacon. I’ve even added cream to the mix.

Just add a few ingredients together then stir into your pasta.

Very simple, very easy, cheap to make and quick to do . . Enjoy

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