Jam making season is here.

Shortages of food choices continues here in the UK.

It’s not because we have a food shortage but a shortage of skilled people available to produce or deliver the goods. This has meant a shortage of supply in preserving sugar.

White granulated sugar is available and now having had to substitute this into my jam recipes, I can say there is no noticeable difference in performance. Granulated sugar is also cheaper and can be purchased more widely and in larger quantities.

Banana and raspberry jam

I’ve just made a batch of banana and raspberry jam. My grandchildren love banana jam so I thought I’d add a twist by adding raspberries.

Banana jam is normally a pinkish colour and adding the red raspberries has made an interesting combination.

I weighed peeled bananas then weighed the raspberries I had and placed them in a pan, raspberries first, chop bananas after weighing. I then added the two totals together and weighed out half the total in sugar, add to pan.

Roughly for every pound and half of sugar I added one whole lemon, sliced, pipped and finely diced with peel on.

Banana, raspberries, lemon and sugar

Cover and heat very slowly

Mash with a potato masher as the sugar melts.

Banana and raspberry jam

Add a sugar thermometer (specialist tool for the high temperatures). Bring to 107c.

Remove from heat and add to sterilised warm jars. Always place the warm jars on a tea towel so that the jars are not shocked and crack. I then place the screw top lids on while hot and cover the jars with a towel so you don’t shock the glass.

Wipe jars when cold. Label and date.

Store in a cupboard until eaten. I always keep opened jars in the fridge. Closed jars should keep for a year or possibly longer.

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