Experimental upcycling of pickle vinegar

I’ve often been reluctant to tip away the remaining vinegar after removing onions from their pickled mix. I’ve also thought it wasteful to throw the picked red vinegar from beetroot.

Then I decided to reuse. Well this might be something that others have done, but I’ve not.

Some shop bought picked vegetables are not in proper vinegar so be careful.

I’m always very careful about ingredients when buying these items I knew that there wasn’t many additional additives in the ones I’ve wanted to reuse.

So when making my next two batches of pickled eggs, I decided to pickle them in heated up shop bought pickled upcycled vinegar.

The results are impressive. The pickled onion vinegar gives the eggs an interesting flavour and a delicious change.

The upcycled beetroot vinegar made for an interesting and surprising in-depth colour.

Pickled eggs in upcycled beetroot vinegar
Picked egg pickled for 6 weeks in upcycled beetroot vinegar

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