One pot supper

With fuel prices rising and winter days still with us. One pot suppers are an important way of cooking hot wholesome meals for less use of fuel.

I’m not joining in with giving up meat for January either though I am eating less because that makes for cheaper meals and when I do eat meat it becomes more important and I’m more thankful for the animal that gave its life for mine and others food.

Bacon and rice supper

I used these ingredients; rice, bacon, onions and peas. (Though I couldn’t find peas in my freezer so I used beans I had grown last summer) oil for frying.

For two people, I used half the pack of streaky bacon, chopped and fried with one sliced onion. Fry in a pan or wok. Don’t worry about the bacon making the pan a little brown as this will make the flavour later.

Add the beans or peas or both. Remember that vegetables are good for you. I always try to have 4 times more veg than protein.

Then add one cup of rice and two cups of water. Warm, stirring until boiling, this helps the flavours to lift off the pan base. Cover and reduce heat to lowest and leave for 15-20 minutes.

Serve as it is or top with cheese.

One pan cooking is less washing up too !!

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