Eat a rainbow

It’s very important to eat well and healthy. January starts with good intentions of a new healthier you. By the middle of the month, with cold dark mornings and evenings it’s really hard to stick to our good intentions.

The secret is to be kind to yourself. In days past the winter feasting went on until spring was in sight, about mid to end of February.

If you must start in January, then eat things that you like with a healthy twist.

I love cheese, so rather than add it to tasty bread with lashings of mayonnaise.

I’ve gone for a rainbow winter salad. This includes red onion, beetroot, a little raw courgette, raw spinach leaves, tomato, cheese and one slice ham. All chopped into smallish pieces and topped with mayonnaise. This can be made to eat fresh or prepared and eaten later from a sealed lunch box.

This was I get my fix of cheese with lots of healthy vegetables and salad too.

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