It’s been a long time

It’s been months since I wrote anything on here. Months that my head wrote stuff but when I set about putting my thoughts into written words the energy behind them expired.

Cooking and eating have taken place, new ideas of creative food on a budget have bubbled forth on an almost daily basis.

However , life is right now taking on a different direction, well not so much different but more directed.

I’ve gone back to study, not bad for a granny of 2 + 4.

The environment and environmental issues have always been the same throughout my life but somehow there seems an urgency.

I needed to know more so that I can support my children and grandchildren.

I’ve learnt and am learning so much.

I do know that mine and hubby’s carbon footprint is comfortingly low, lower by nearly half the uk average. But this isn’t anything to be excited about or complacent with. To save the planet and to stop the inevitable, my low footprint needs to be cut by another half and then by another half again!! That means we all need to drastically change our lifestyles not just a few little habits.

This doesn’t mean switching, it means a complete rethink on how we live.

Fuel prices are never coming down, not to any price we were used to. Food prices will remain high. We as humans are going to need to learn to rethink our lives and how we face the years ahead.

So this blog is going to change also. As I learn so I will share. From food to transport to water use to growing and cooking food. I will even share how to keep warm on those winter night’s ahead.

I hope you’ll join me and share anything you might find helpful in this quest to survive the challenge we humans face over the next decades.

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