Different eggs

One tin of chopped tomatoes. Place in a large frying pan. Add a large pinch of salt. Bring to a hot simmer. Add four eggs (enough for 2 people). Reduce heat to very low, cover and leave until eggs have cooked to your taste. Serve with fresh bread, chips or on their own.

Food from my fridge

I very rarely use a cookery book. My meal making comes from my need to eat and what I have in my fridge, cupboard and freezer. Always in that order. Mixed Root Vegetables Mash Take any root veg, scrub, chop ( the more dense veg like swede and carrot cut smaller) place in a large […]

Warming food

Stews are one of those foods that most people love yet I wonder how many feel they have the ability to make. A good stew is made from a few ingredients that cook slowly and ‘marry’ their flavours together. Stew needn’t be made with meat, or a lot of meat. If you use meat, it […]

Stilton and cream

You can hide a lot in melted Stilton and cream. Today I’ve gently fried one chopped onion and some chopped mushrooms in a little unsalted butter. I then remove from heat, add a little salt, a chunk of Stilton and some double cream. Leave in the pan to slowly melt. Serve as a side dish […]

Eating seasonal

One of the best ways to save our environment is to eat from locally grown food. This is also one of the best ways of saving money and eating cheaply. At this time of year we have plenty of root vegetables available and what better than a hearty healthy root veg mash. This is a […]

One of my favourite veggies . .

Without a doubt Brussel Sprouts are one of my favourite vegetables. A veg that for many years has had a bad press and for many years I found bitter. That is until I discovered a different way to cook them. This is how I cook Brussel Spouts Take fresh spouts, about 500g trim the base […]

The veg box

As part of my efforts to save the planet I have started having delivered a seasonal veg box from my local green grocers. In these days of semi lockdown here in County Durham, it’s important to support local businesses where possible. The veg box is a bit of anything and so meals this week will […]