Sticky fingers

Lockdown is hard for us all. We all are having issues with the uncertainty of our future. Things we did and took for granted are now the things we long for. Here in northeast England, we’ve been in a form of lockdown since September and some areas of the U.K. and world have suffered longer. […]

No such thing as ‘too much veg’

I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan but I do like veg. If I would label myself , and I hate labels, I would call myself a Flexitarian. Basically my cooking and eating always starts with veg. I don’t think “what shall we accompany this meat or fish etc” but I think of what would […]

Eggshell easy removal

To remove the shells from hard boiled eggs, first plunge into iced water and leave until cold. The shells should remove easily. The shells can be composted as they will have come off cleanly. I made another batch of pickles eggs today. These are not something I like but they are hubby’s favourite.


Covid has brought strange shortages in some items and excess in others. As part of saving the planet without costing me the earth, I thought I would check out any drafts in my home. To do this I wet my hand and dangled it in places around the house noting when it felt colder. This […]

Root vegetables wedges

Cut root veg into wedges, toss in oil and salt. Place in a roasting tin and bake in a hot oven for 40 minutes. Tossing them part way through cooking. I used swede and parsnip. I left the skin on the parsnip after I’d scrubbed them with my veg brush I served mine with stuffed […]

Seeds of hope

Yesterday I finished the butternut squash. It had been delivered in my veg box from 4 weeks ago. We must remember that veg can be stored for quite a long time in the right conditions. I kept mine in the fridge. Because I eat such a large amount of veggies I am lucky enough to […]

Eggtraordiary start to the day

Since I was a teenager I have had eggs for breakfast. I have tried other stuff, but nothing fills me up and keeps me going until lunchtime and can even last me until 5pm when we have our evening meal. I always buy free range eggs, these might be a little more money wise but […]

Veggie brush

I bought mine for £3. Possibly not the most expensive or exciting item in my drawer of useful gadgets. But a veg brush is an essential bit of kit for any eco warrior cook who is trying to save the planet for her grandchildren. With my veg brush I can wash all those lovely fresh […]

Making use of what I have . .

Serves two This is a risotto of 2 sausages chopped, half an onion chopped, half a squash chopped. Fried in a bit of oil until sausage bits are browned and the onions are soft. Add enough rice (whatever you have) add a good pinch of salt, one tin of tomatoes, double the amount of water […]

Cabbage meal

Serves two Place one sliced red onion, 2oz of chopped bacon, the best local farm bacon you can buy, one desert apple chopped and cored but leaving the skin on. Chopped cabbage, about half. Stir in a pan with a bit of vegetable oil. I boiled some potatoes with skins on, from the veg box […]