Filo rolls

Well I was somewhat hungry this afternoon, which made for a creative result in the evening meal department!! Filo pastry is one of those things best bought ready made. It’s very easy to use and comes in a roll, which can be found in the refrigerator department of any sizeable food store. To use, you’ll […]

Easy food

Sometimes I really don’t fancy cooking, yet I want a cooked meal. Sometimes I’m too tired to both making a meal. For days like this I make a simple pasta dish. I boil a pan of water with some salt. When that boils I add enough pasta for whoever is needing to be fed. I […]

Thursday ramblings

It’s been a hard month or so. The weeks zoom by in a haze of ‘lockdown-trying-to-fill-time’ To be fair I’m struggling with the starting back to the new normal life. I’ve had so much to say but feel exhausted about trying to say what I feel. Trying not to think about family that need me. […]

Omelette tea

So my dearest is still in need of soft food. A lack of dental availability during the U.K. lockdown has lead to a tooth extraction. I fried one red onion, chopped. Two sausages, chopped. An inch of garlic paste, half a small pepper, chopped. A mug of finely chopped kale leaves. Salt. When gently browned, […]

Chocolate Eclair awakening. .

It’s been a long time since I made choux pastry. So long my grownup children were still in primary school!! I didn’t plan on making anything today, possibly an evening meal but nothing special. I dreamt of chocolate last night, chocolate eclairs to be precise, why, I have no idea. New eggs were delivered with […]