An organic way to protect your food crops from slugs With all this much needed rain comes the unwanted slugs and snails. Important for the food chain but sadly not ours. As an organic gardener I have needed to find an affordable but safe for the environment way of control. I have cut slits into […]

Little things I’ve changed . . .

Little things I’ve changed in my kitchen habits to save the planet Sometimes it seems impossible to make a change that might have an affect in saving our planet and reversing the damage that is causing climate change. Well it is impossible; impossible on our own. Most changes have to come from governments. Or do […]

Thursday ramblings

It’s been a hard month or so. The weeks zoom by in a haze of ‘lockdown-trying-to-fill-time’ To be fair I’m struggling with the starting back to the new normal life. I’ve had so much to say but feel exhausted about trying to say what I feel. Trying not to think about family that need me. […]

Shelled !

It’s that time of year, the start to middle of spring. Well depending on what part of the world you’re in and certainly what part of the U.K. you might live. Having moved around from south to north, then middle, then south and now back up north. I can say that the spring certainly arrives […]

Morning coffee in the garden

It strikes me how lucky and privileged I am, we all are, to be able to just turn a tap to fill a kettle and make a drink. Anyone who has running drinking water are among the richest people on the planet. Between Christmas and New Year, we finally had a water meter fitted. Here […]

Quality compost . .

It’s chocolate eating season in our house. It’s come early this year due to months of lockdown here in northeast England. We started on the first tin last week. The bright wrappings encouraging us to try just one more. The colours bringing back memories of different times. As normal I was concerned about the waste […]

Compost additions

I’m having a sort out of that stack of paperwork that sits in a corner, for me at the end of our dining table. With lockdown still very much the new normal for us in County Durham, there is little extra meal making or baking to be done. How much can a pair of grandparents […]

Doubling up

One of my earliest memories of the approach of winter was the ‘changing of the curtains’. Every October/ November, depending on the weather, we would help our mother remove all the pretty, lightweight window curtains to hang heavy, thick and in some cases blankets type curtains at the windows instead. These were darker warmer colours, […]

Sticky fingers

Lockdown is hard for us all. We all are having issues with the uncertainty of our future. Things we did and took for granted are now the things we long for. Here in northeast England, we’ve been in a form of lockdown since September and some areas of the U.K. and world have suffered longer. […]

No such thing as ‘too much veg’

I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan but I do like veg. If I would label myself , and I hate labels, I would call myself a Flexitarian. Basically my cooking and eating always starts with veg. I don’t think “what shall we accompany this meat or fish etc” but I think of what would […]