It’s been a long time

It’s been months since I wrote anything on here. Months that my head wrote stuff but when I set about putting my thoughts into written words the energy behind them expired. Cooking and eating have taken place, new ideas of creative food on a budget have bubbled forth on an almost daily basis. However , […]

Spring with a tinge of winter

Out in my garden today the sun beat down making me ‘slightly’ think spring was here. A small step into the shade and the temperature drop was almost fridge like. Last weekend we had snow. Yet Saturday morning it was so warm I built up a sweat while litter picking. The long days are not […]

Warming food

Stews are one of those foods that most people love yet I wonder how many feel they have the ability to make. A good stew is made from a few ingredients that cook slowly and ‘marry’ their flavours together. Stew needn’t be made with meat, or a lot of meat. If you use meat, it […]

Doubling up

One of my earliest memories of the approach of winter was the ‘changing of the curtains’. Every October/ November, depending on the weather, we would help our mother remove all the pretty, lightweight window curtains to hang heavy, thick and in some cases blankets type curtains at the windows instead. These were darker warmer colours, […]


Covid has brought strange shortages in some items and excess in others. As part of saving the planet without costing me the earth, I thought I would check out any drafts in my home. To do this I wet my hand and dangled it in places around the house noting when it felt colder. This […]