Mixed vegetable medley

As a main or a side dish depends on what else you fancy eating. Today’s offering is what I’ve harvested from our garden today, except the mushrooms. Roughly chopped and thrown into a hot pan of a tablespoon of oil. Add salt and toss. It doesn’t matter if they are a little crunchy. To be […]


An organic way to protect your food crops from slugs With all this much needed rain comes the unwanted slugs and snails. Important for the food chain but sadly not ours. As an organic gardener I have needed to find an affordable but safe for the environment way of control. I have cut slits into […]

Shelled !

It’s that time of year, the start to middle of spring. Well depending on what part of the world you’re in and certainly what part of the U.K. you might live. Having moved around from south to north, then middle, then south and now back up north. I can say that the spring certainly arrives […]

Quality compost . .

It’s chocolate eating season in our house. It’s come early this year due to months of lockdown here in northeast England. We started on the first tin last week. The bright wrappings encouraging us to try just one more. The colours bringing back memories of different times. As normal I was concerned about the waste […]

No such thing as ‘too much veg’

I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan but I do like veg. If I would label myself , and I hate labels, I would call myself a Flexitarian. Basically my cooking and eating always starts with veg. I don’t think “what shall we accompany this meat or fish etc” but I think of what would […]

Eggshell easy removal

To remove the shells from hard boiled eggs, first plunge into iced water and leave until cold. The shells should remove easily. The shells can be composted as they will have come off cleanly. I made another batch of pickles eggs today. These are not something I like but they are hubby’s favourite.

Seeds of hope

Yesterday I finished the butternut squash. It had been delivered in my veg box from 4 weeks ago. We must remember that veg can be stored for quite a long time in the right conditions. I kept mine in the fridge. Because I eat such a large amount of veggies I am lucky enough to […]

Eggtraordiary start to the day

Since I was a teenager I have had eggs for breakfast. I have tried other stuff, but nothing fills me up and keeps me going until lunchtime and can even last me until 5pm when we have our evening meal. I always buy free range eggs, these might be a little more money wise but […]


In my life sustainability is all about putting back what I take out. Well early this morning , while the sun shone I had my workout in the garden. It’s important to keep paths clear for safety reasons, it’s as important not to be too tidy in the rest of the garden. Keep the grass […]

Feeding the microbes. .

There are many benefits to our new way of ordering food. With milk delivery our plastic waste has dropped so much our recycling bin has barely anything in it. The milk arrives in returnable glass bottles will foil tops that if collected in quantities large enough to recycle. Foil for fully recyclable but must not […]