Saving money through your freezer

Having a well stocked freezer is one way of saving money. Buying in bulk has always been cheaper than buying small amounts of food stuff. I bought a large family pack of chicken breasts that were on offer. Cut into equal portions that would easily serve two or more people. Remember we all need to […]

Food for free

Times are hard and the winter months will be harder as winter fuel bills rise and the cost of essentials like food rise in price too. There is free food to be found out in the countywide, which can be harvested and stored. It’s the countryside that our ancestors turned when times were difficult before. […]

One pot supper

With fuel prices rising and winter days still with us. One pot suppers are an important way of cooking hot wholesome meals for less use of fuel. I’m not joining in with giving up meat for January either though I am eating less because that makes for cheaper meals and when I do eat meat […]