Quality compost . .

It’s chocolate eating season in our house. It’s come early this year due to months of lockdown here in northeast England. We started on the first tin last week. The bright wrappings encouraging us to try just one more. The colours bringing back memories of different times. As normal I was concerned about the waste […]

Bin day Friday

Today is bin day in our small village in County Durham U.K. . The row of green bins pushed neatly to the end of each drive, waiting with its secret life story of each particular household that it is displayed outside. The green bin contains what we call ‘rubbish rubbish’, stuff that sadly is heading […]

Leftover feasting

Never though food away. 80 years ago, during WW2 it became an imprisonable offensive to waste food. I wish in someways it was still unlawful to waste food. Here in the UK we throw away over 6 million tons of food every year. Why?! Most of that food is edible, all of that food put […]


In my life sustainability is all about putting back what I take out. Well early this morning , while the sun shone I had my workout in the garden. It’s important to keep paths clear for safety reasons, it’s as important not to be too tidy in the rest of the garden. Keep the grass […]

Dishwashers don’t have teeth. . .

This is something my husband is frequently telling me. In our house like most houses, we normally have ‘our jobs’. This isn’t some sexiest old fashioned family set up. It just that some people are better at certain jobs. We share the work load of our little haven we call our home. When it comes […]

waste not . . . . Friday

there is no such thing as throwaway A couple of nights ago, I watched, for the second time (TV appears to be full of repeats these days) a program about our waste, about stuff that had been thrown away 50 years ago and how on digging it up they discovered that most of it was […]