Food from my fridge

I very rarely use a cookery book. My meal making comes from my need to eat and what I have in my fridge, cupboard and freezer. Always in that order. Mixed Root Vegetables Mash Take any root veg, scrub, chop ( the more dense veg like swede and carrot cut smaller) place in a large […]

A quick veg dish

This dish can be used as a main for one or a side dish for two. Slice one courgette and chop one red pepper. Add to one large ounce of butter, add a crushed clove of garlic or purée. Fry until soft. Add a large tablespoon of tomato purée a large pinch of salt and […]

The veg box

As part of my efforts to save the planet I have started having delivered a seasonal veg box from my local green grocers. In these days of semi lockdown here in County Durham, it’s important to support local businesses where possible. The veg box is a bit of anything and so meals this week will […]