Leftover feasting

Never though food away.

80 years ago, during WW2 it became an imprisonable offensive to waste food. I wish in someways it was still unlawful to waste food.

Here in the UK we throw away over 6 million tons of food every year. Why?! Most of that food is edible, all of that food put a cost on our environment to produce and sadly a lot to destroy it. If we stop wasting food in our own kitchens and only bought from suppliers that are local where possible and who are not wasteful in their selling of goods to us. Then we are helping to save our planet for future generations. We don’t have to, if we don’t want to, make huge changes in what we eat. Just stop wasting food. If we all made small changes we, collectively, will make a huge difference.

Our supper

Two sausages, last nights remaining green veg risotto, fried with a tin of tomatos. Plus the remaining mixed veg mash from Tuesday combined with an egg and fried as a sort of potato cake. Enjoy

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