Today I made yogurt

Well I made more than yogurt. Sometimes I sit down on the sofa about now and think I’ve not done much. Then I start to think about what I’ll write about on here and I get overwhelmed with what to write about.

From collecting our 3weekly shop from click and collect at the supermarket (yes I do buy somethings from the supermarket) to making an overcoat out of an old bed tree and a duvet cover to cooking an evening meal with sausages and pasta with homemade sauce. Pudding made from freshly picked apples. At some point I raked up leaves, did a load of washing and made yogurt.

Making yogurt

Take one small pot of live, full fat plain yogurt. Spoon into the glass pots of your yogurt maker

Open a one litre carton of full fat long life milk and pour into the glass jars

Switch on maker and wait 6 hours

After 6 hours you’ll have 7 jars of yogurt

Place in a fridge, eat 6 jars and use the 7th for the next batch.

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