loosing the throwaway

just 3 days until our rubbish bins are emptied and yet we still don’t have any full bags in our wheelie bin.

If you have followed my blog, you will remember that about 10 days ago we had looked into our wheelie bin and we had nothing in it to throw away.

We have a system here where our local authority collect recycling waste one week and landfill the other. We have a wheelie bin for each. We decided at the start of the lockdown, back in March/April to have a small dustbin to which we would place all the throwaway, landfill, rubbish rubbish into. When the sack was full we would place the secured bag into the wheelie bin. Two weeks ago we realized that after the previous two weeks of throwing stuff away, we didn’t have enough to tie the bag and throw into the wheelie bin.

So we left it, and after nearly 4 weeks we still barely have enough to tie the bag and put in the wheelie bin.

We normally have at lease one bag a week, yet due to our new way of shopping, we have reduced our landfill waste by a quarter.

The changes we made are: we now have a local milkman, he deliveries milk in reusable glass bottles and eggs in cardboard trays, 3 times a week. We are ordering a veg box of seasonal veg from our local greengrocer, as and when we need it. We are eating a more flexitarian diet, so more veg and less meat. We have two compost bins, which are now rotting faster thanks to the greater kitchen waste (no cooked scraps except egg shells). This will help the garden grow next year and for years to come too. A better growing garden will help absorb more carbon. We are using cardboard as mulch so less in the recycling bin and because of the glass bottle milk delivery we have less plastic in the recycling bin too.

None of these changes have been difficult and have had very little change to our daily life. We are feeling fitter, thanks to our increased veg intake, though we are not giving up meat totally, just eating less and meat from better looked after animals.

This small change, if replicated by everyone, would have the most amazing impact on our environment.

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