“Never trust a skinny chef”

“Never trust a skinny chef” my late, EX mother-in-law would say. She liked her food and liked dining out. She would never eat anywhere, that food was prepared for her, if the chef was skinny. At the time I was also very skinny too!!

My skinniness was nothing to with me not liking food because I’ve always liked food and experimenting with the creating of meals, I was at the time a young and busy mummy to a little lad who rarely slept (and her son) , which kept me slim.

Looking back I think what she was saying in her clumsy way was, don’t trust someone to cook for you who didn’t like eating food.

Yesterday my lovely hubby did just that. You see I just was not hungry. If it had just been me I probably wouldn’t have made a meal. Possibly had a bit of sourdough bread with marmite. I should have said cook yourself something, but I didn’t.

So I made the dinner, and he politely said it was lovely and he really couldn’t eat anything else!! This morning I asked him for the truth and he just said it wasn’t my best !!!!

Homemade sausage rolls!!!!

We have to except that sometimes we get it wrong. Tonight’s meal will be shop made pizza, the one I bought reduced and froze on the day of purchase. Tomorrow I will be more hungry for something taster and homemade!!

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