New toy – Slow Cooker

My life is taking a small positive change, and I thought it a good idea to finally purchase a new slow cooker.

I’ve had one before but it stopped working and was disposed of about 2 years ago. I kept the inside bowl because that would come in handy as an oven or serving dish when the family finally start visiting more frequently.

So the first test of its performance was my tried and tested ‘throw everything in at breakfast time’ method.

Cheap fresh meat tossed in plain flour, salt and pepper. Plenty of chopped onion (2) and chopped carrots (washed but unpeeled). If I’d had other root vegetables then they’d of been added too. Not quite coved with liquid (slow cooking is moist retaining so things can get sloppy); a small cup of flat cider.

8 hours later, set on auto, and it tasted amazing. Even better, there is enough for two more meals for us two. I will reheat some for a couple of days time and put a portion in the freezer for a day I’m not wanting to cook. It would make an excellent pie or pasty filling too. Add it to curry paste or other spices and it would make a sort of curried invention!!

Feeling impressed with this gadget I thought I’d try a recipe my son had suggested.

Slow cooker bread

I used the recipe from the BBC Good Food website – flour, salt, yeast and water.

It took slightly longer than the recipe suggested. 15 minutes longer in the slow cooker and 20 minutes in the main oven to crisp the top, though this was more personal choice.

I’ve also discovered that using a slow cooker is one of the best ways of cooking if you want to save on your electric costs.

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